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  • Why replace titanium dioxide at all?

    • Producers all around the world use titanium dioxide as a white pigment in a whole range of different products. This may not be the case for much longer though. The call for alternatives to be found to replace titanium dioxide is getting louder – especially since the French authorities, ANES, submitted a CLH report in which they classify this white pigment as being a probable health hazard. An assessment that has raised concerns around the globe and has got the industry and final consumers looking at these products in a different light. Finding an alternative to titanium dioxide is, however, not an easy task. An effective titanium dioxide substitute or extender must not only have the same outstanding properties when it comes to whiteness, covering capacity and opacity but must also be able to be used in food.

    A potential titanium dioxide substitute must be just as versatile: TiO2 is not only used to produce paint, construction materials and paper but can also be found in many different consumer products, such as toothpaste and sunscreen

TiO2: a subject of debate – statements from the CLH report

  • "presumed to have carcinogenic potential for humans" (Category 1B)
    "potentially carcinogenic to humans when inhaled" (H350i)

    Download the full CLH report on titanium dioxide here

  • CASUL® – a great alternative to titanium dioxide

    • It is difficult to completely replace titanium dioxide and it is not absolutely necessary to do this in products where it is in a bonded form. Having said this, though, there is a synthetic white mineral on the market which is an excellent substitute and/or extender and can be used in a wide range of applications: CASUL®. The patented raw material, CASUL®, has high coverage, is brilliant white, mixes well with other substances and is absolutely safe. All of the above properties make CASUL® an ideal part or even full substitute for titanium dioxide. What's more, it makes good business sense to choose CASUL® – using this white mineral reduces the need for organic additives and cuts costs.

    • Would you like to replace the titanium dioxide you use in your production processes? Then simply get in touch with our experts

    CASUL® is produced from high quality raw materials at the REMONDIS Lippe Plant in line with the company's patented process. Its needle-like primary structure can be tailored to meet all requirements. From a powder all the way through to a suspension – everything is possible

  • A replacement for titanium dioxide in the paint industry

    • When used in paints, CASUL® not only ensures high covering power and a brilliant white colour, it is also an easy substance to process. In other words, it does everything that adding titanium dioxide would do. In addition, paints produced with CASUL® are odour neutral, biodegradable, free of preservatives and great value for money – and come with the Seal of Quality from the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation.

    • The titanium dioxide substitute, CASUL®, can also be found in the CASUBLANCA paints – a brand-name product manufactured within the REMONDIS Group

  • A replacement for titanium dioxide in construction chemicals

    • No matter whether it's for walls or floors – CASUL® has proven to be both an outstanding material and active ingredient for the construction chemicals sector. Thanks to the binding properties of this white pigment, liquid plaster can be produced on a purely mineral basis – absolutely no organic chemical substances need to be added. What's more, it can be combined with granular materials (such as sand, marble and limestone) to make ready-to-use wall plasters that produce a rough cast or textured finish. Furthermore, CASUL® is a particularly useful substance for cement – acting as an expansion additive and helping to offset cement shrinkage.

    • A substance as white as titanium dioxide but absolutely safe: CASUL® is in high demand in the construction chemicals sector

A replacement for titanium dioxide in the paper industry

  • CASUL® delivers outstanding results in the paper industry as a pigment in coating solutions for producing smooth, glossy surfaces. What is crucial here is not only its brilliant whiteness but also its high opacity. CASUL® is particularly suitable for refining premium quality, high gloss paper for producing art prints and food packaging. The titanium dioxide substitute, CASUL®, is a great product for combining with other minerals and extenders - an advantage that really comes to the fore here.

  • Paper manufacturers can access CASUL® as a primary substance, as a semi-finished product and as a finished product

A replacement for titanium dioxide in fire protection

  • It is not absolutely necessary to add titanium dioxide to coatings to prevent fires. CASUL® can take over this job as well – and, in some cases, is even more effective. This can be put down to its high crystal water content (45%) and 'dehydration property'. Together, these two properties ensure that water is emitted into the atmosphere even when temperatures are relatively low. The result is an effective flame-retardant surface. What's more, CASUL® is totally harmless for both humans and the environment as – if there is a fire – it degrades into natural inert material.

  • Wall paints and plasters containing CASUL® create flame-retardant surfaces helping to prevent fires

CASUL®as a replacement for titanium dioxide.
And that's just the beginning

  • The above areas are just a few examples of how CASUL® can be used to replace titanium dioxide. There are, of course, a whole host of other possibilities. If you manufacture products that contain titanium dioxide and are looking for an alternative, then simply get in touch with us. Our experts will sit down with you to find out exactly how you can use CASUL® as a titanium dioxide substitute or extender and develop the ideal formula to meet your precise requirements.

  • Some things simply cannot be replaced.
    Expert advice for example

    Depending on your requirements, it is possible to use CASUL® to reduce the amount of titanium dioxide you need or even to replace it completely in a whole range of different applications. Would you like to learn more? Then simply contact one of our CASUL® specialists.

    • Oussama Mrabet Zahri
      Head of Sales business area CASUL®
      PROVERO GmbH
      Brunnenstr. 138 // 44536 Lünen // Germany
      T +49 2306 106-8645
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    • Torsten Eßer
      product development CASUL®
      REMONDIS Production GmbH // PROVERO GmbH
      Brunnenstr. 138 // 44536 Lünen // Germany
      T +49 2306 106-223
      F +49 2306 106-228

So who's behind CASUL®?

    • The patented raw material CASUL® is produced by REMONDIS, one of the world's leading recycling, service and water companies with around 800 locations across 30 countries. The REMONDIS Group's innovations help to close material life cycles and preserve natural resources all around the globe – and its synthetic white mineral CASUL® is a perfect example of this. Its main ingredient is ALUMIN®, a sodium aluminate which has also been developed by REMONDIS.

    • Learn more about REMONDIS

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